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Quick Templates For SMS Marketing
High ratings for Capterra, and G2Crowd among others
Personalized templates for customers using SMS Marketing within Mobiz.

SMS Marketing That's Personal, Easy and Effective

Mobiz is a click-and-create SMS campaign builder with a dynamic landing page template library and exciting personalization features.
Custom fields for SMS Marketing within Mobiz

Stay Personal With Your Customers

Mobiz's text marketing platform allows you to build a more direct relationship with your clients. Custom fields and dynamic content allow you to tailor every message to a customer's specific interests.

Outreach Without The Extra Effort

Our Template Library and Drag and Drop Editor make it easy for you to send personalized messages to customers quickly, without the need for an in-house marketing team.
Dynamic content for SMS Marketing within Mobiz

A Quicker, More Effective Way To Communicate

Meet your customers where they're at. Research from GSMA Intelligence shows that people open 98% of text messages they're sent. (Whereas the average open rate for email is only 21.33%).

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