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Grow traffic and and sales using personalized text marketing

Launch sales, deals and more with powerful messages and personalized landing pages.
Improve repeat business with loyalty programs and member offers delivered right to customers’ phones.
Track responses and results using Mobiz’s dashboard and analytics.


Drive online and in-store orders with mobile offers.

Reach customers with discounts, coupons, BOGOs and other offers that increase sales.
Build loyalty and your subscriber list with Mobiz built-in growth tools.
Increase reservations and online orders through promotions, points programs and more.

Fitness & wellness

Increase appointments, memberships and engagement with SMS.

Promote classes, appointments and consultations with hyper-personalized Mobiz messages and landing pages.
Educate and engage clients with consistent reminders tailored to their wellness journey.
Enhance cash flow with automated bill and due payment notices.

Real Estate

Top producers reach buyers where they are - on their phones.

Showcase new listings and market updates with personalized messages and sales pages.
Promote open houses and schedule showings.
Present pricing changes and sale announcements.
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4x more sales than Facebook

“By using Mobiz, we have converted 4x more sales over the SMS channel than Facebook and Google”

Rowan Hunt
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Key for any business

“Not only is it user-friendly but its capability allows for personalization which is key for any business”

Leanne Born
Efficiently set up campaigns

”Mobiz is there for us to efficiently set up campaigns with our short deadlines”

Candyce Bouffe
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Seamless and cost-effective

“It makes campaign set-up and development both seamless and cost-effective”

Athena Peddie

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