Here you can find some helpful stuff for the template
How to replace CTA slider image?
In order to change the CTA Slider Images, follow these steps:

1. Find the class "Macbook Slider Image"
2. Click on the settings icon ⚙︎
3. Click on "Replace Image" button.
How to replace hero features image

In order to change the Hero Feature image follow these steps:

1. On the navigation panel find "Hero Feature images"
2. Click Settings icon ⚙︎
3. Click "Replace image"
How to replace hero about image
1. Find and select "Hero About Images"
2. Click on the "Settings" icon ⚙︎
3. Click "Replace image"
How to replace company and location image
In this section , we can change two images in the same place with the same width and height.

1. Find images named Our company and Map image .
2. Click the "Settings" icon on your top right corner.
3. Lastly click "Replace" image.